A deck building card game of building and battling robots!


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Build mechanized engines of death and destruction using spare parts, expired munitions and a can-do attitude! Witness these lumbering juggernauts tear each other apart for your amusement! Do you have what it takes to win the belt?!

The most advanced mechs in the world compete every week in the Mech Combat League. Soaring arenas glitter from a million cameras as lethal machines tear each other apart. Each combatant costs millions of dollars and represents the very pinnacle of corporate technology. Fortunes rise and fall on the results as a win in the arena demonstrates the superiority of a corporation’s technology. Billions of fans sit riveted every Saturday and spend all of their money and time on the fights. It’s the cultural phenomena of the century!

But this isn’t the Mech Combat League. This is the Wreck-A-Mech Minor League where scrappy mechanics will rig together a Mech out of anything they can find in the junkyard. They meet at local events, take photos with grass roots fans and then bash each other to bits. Any part that isn’t completely destroyed is fished out of the mud and retooled into next week’s combatant. Nobody ever said getting to the big leagues was easy.

Wreck-A-Mech is a deck building card game where players assemble the best mech (mechanized combatant) possible from the cards in their hand. Then combat ensues and the mechs knock each other to pieces! Cause as much damage as possible to your opponent because the more you wreck, the more spare parts you can buy. Then draw from your new parts and improve your mech for the next round. Keep fighting until you knock your opponent out 3 times!


Anarcade 8-Bit Rummy

Family Friendly Pixel Rummy

Shuffle your way through classic gaming with Anarcade 8-Bit Rummy!  Play a set of cards from your hand with matching lines or mix up existing sets to find the matches you need.  Score by playing all your cards first and the first player with 8 points wins! 

Anarcade 8-Bit Rummy is based on familiar rummy card game rules with a few twists.   All cards have a number (1-8) in each of three rows (top, middle or bottom).  The objective is to play cards from your hand by making sets of cards that have matching numbers in the same row.  You can also play cards directly to extend existing sets or rearrange sets into new ones using cards from your hand.  The winner of the round gets points for each of their opponents' remaining cards.

  • Easy to pick up and fun for all ages.
  • 1-4 players with a single deck
  • 30 minute playtime


Anarcade Deck Building Game (Raster Red / Vector Blue)

Anarcade Deck Building Game

Retro arcade mashup deck building game!


Travel back to when the arcade was a dark, smoky den of iniquity.  Fame and respect can be bought for only a quarter if you have the skill.  Once you fill up the high score table on a game then you are the king!  Put a quarter on the glass and challenge the champ if you think you've got what it takes! 

Anarcade is a deck building game of stack control. Players play starter cards to earn Coins and buy better cards from the Game stacks. They can also use Coins to Score on the Games. Each player attempts to fill up a High Score table to take control of that game before an opponent can do the same. Once a player takes control of a stack, other players can't touch it. The winner is the first player to control 3 games.

Anarcade comes in two different decks, Raster Red and Vector Blue.  The Raster Red set is tuned for fast action and features pixel based, raster screen arcade games.  The Vector Blue set is tuned for deep strategy and features vector based arcade games. Either of these decks contains everything that two people need to play Anarcade, but if you combine the decks you can play with up to 4 players.